Hi ... is anyone still out there?

Hi All,

Well I know that this very, very small update is extremely late in coming, I can't believe it has almost been a year since the last update :) I had several issues with my html editing software and a company that wasn't willing to work with me to fix the problem. I have been attempting to find a new software that I like and have tried several programs and managed this small update. Anyway I finally got Dreamweaver and I am really liking it, I am definitely liking the template feature, much easier to understand than my last software. So hopefully having a n easy to use template will make it easier to update the archive. Anyway this update contains:

* Smokey Hills Part 11-28
* The Wedding Planner Part 21-25
* For You I Suffer Part 10-20
Duo No Lies

Hiiiiii.......& Update!

Just wanted to say Hi All!

Man it has been really busy here! It seems like I have been house sitting non-stop since the start of summer, only downside to that is limited internet access in someplaces :P Still teaching at the dance studio, they doubled my hours this year which is great, but teaching four acro type classes a week is probably going to be the death of me this year! In addition to all that, I have also started subbing at a local high school during the day, so that means for the last couple of weeks I feel like I have been going 24/7. I definitely like having the extra income, but can things kind of slow down alittle bit already!?

Anyways I am looking forward to Y-con and can't wait to see the gang this year, can't believe that it is just shy of five weeks away. Yeahhhhhhh!


I have also managed to do a small site update:

    9/18/11 :- Hi All, well I thought I better do an update to let you know that I'm still around and slowly but surely working on updating the site! Kind of small update for a six month absence, but that is what happens when you housesit all summer with limited internet access and start a second job as well. Right now, I just feel like I want to sleep for a week, but I can't wait to see some some awesome friends at y-con this year, I know I am definitely looking foward to it. Anyways here is the update:

    * Diamond In The Rough Part 6-7
    * Time, Fault & Out Part 11-15
    * Fight For Survival
    * Rolling Home
    * Summer Fun
    * By The Red Moon Part 56-77 + Epilogue (Fic no Complete)
    * My Best Kept Secret
    * Crimson Ties Part 48
    * Blood, Sweat and Tears Part 74-92 + Epilogue (Fic Now Complete)
    Heartfelt (New Author)
    * For You I suffer Part 1-9

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I just want to send my thoughts and prayers out to all of my friends in Japan affected by the earthquake. I hope everyone is well.

Also I updated the website this last week,


T Shirt 1x2
* A Boys World 1-4 (fic complete)
* A Kinky Conversation
* After Hours
* Again
* A Day In The Life
* Bounty Hunters: A Really Cold Case (link fixed)
* Coming Down Slow
* Corrupting Relena
* The 12 Pains of Christmas
* Auld Lang Syne
* Beyond All Doubt 1-16+E (fic complete)
* Blood, Sweat and Tears 63-73
* Blink
* Witness Protection 51-69 (now complete)
* The Wedding Planner 11-20
* Smoky Hills 1-10
* The Prince and The Assassin 10 (now complete)
Duo No Lies


1/26/11 :- I know I promised an update at the end of November, and well obviously didn't make it :( But anyways here is some more to the website today:

Karen The Huntress
* Somewhere In New York Part 2-8
* Building A New Life Part 5-14 (now complete)
* A Really Cold Case 
* Home Is Where The Heart Is
* By The Red Moon Part 41-55
* Beloved
* As You Were Sleeping
* Away From It All
* Witness Protection Part 31-50
* The Wedding Planner 6-10

Edit: Seems the link for Yanagi's next Bounty Hunter link is broken.